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The TwispWorks Pavilion is a performance and art exhibition stage within the TwispWorks campus. Acoustic wall panels along the back of the stage pivot for fine tuning sound for the audience and performers. The wood portion of the panels are made of Glue Laminated Timbers (GLT panels) with a textural cnc routed pattern designed to diffuse sound and reduce echoes. The back side of each panel is flat for attaching artwork for outdoor art exhibitions, a common occurrence as TwispWorks is an arts organization.

On Thursday nights the pavilion is a free outdoor movie theater for the community. Audio, video, and power are routed along the tops of beams to allow speakers, the projector, and screen to hang from the upper beams during events. Lighting is integrated into the top flange of the steel beams.

We designed the pavilion to be fabricated offsite and installed quickly like a kit-of-parts. The steel columns and beams were erected and bolted together by one person with a remote crane. All of the electrical and audio-video routes were pre-drilled in the steel beams before erection. The electrician was able to attach junction boxes and light fixtures onto pre-threaded locations. All of the attachments for the purlins were pre-drilled, so the framer was able to roll out the roof structure and attach it quickly in the predetermined locations. The wall panels were manufactured in a mass timber factory, then fastened into their steel surrounds and pivot assemblies by the steel fabricator, then bolted into place on the structure.


Performance Space


Twisp, WA



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